WorldCC Offer: a free Relationship Issues Diagnostic

We’ve seen that the Things That Matter are what define value in our commercial relationships, but that people aren’t clear and aligned on them.

We’ve seen that this compounds the challenges of the increasingly Complex commercial environment, creating unsustainable waste and cost in our relationships:

Starting to turn this all around begins with a direct and honest look at what our relationships currently really look like.

We’re now offering you the chance to do exactly that with access to the complimentary version of our Relationship Issues diagnostic:

  • Get a feel for the diagnostic approach and how different it is from a survey: imagine what might happen if others completed it.
  • Evaluate how problematic twenty common relationship issues are, either in general or with a specific relationship in mind – it’s your choice.
  • Access a complimentary report to gain some initial insights into your situation.
  • Identify particular areas of concern and any patterns between them, to start thinking about the Things That Matter that they relate to.

Webinar insights:

  • Fewer than 10% of people are “very confident” about being “clear and aligned” on the Things That Matter.
  • Less than 30% are familiar with “Fully realized expectations” in their commercial relationships.
  • Only 40% feel that tenders and contracts communicate what matters to their organizations.
  • 60% are under pressure to do more with less; >50% feel that contract and relationship management clash.
  • Four out of six common “negative” relationships experiences are familiar to over 50% of people.

Learn more in the WorldCC Things That Matter content hub

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Are you ready to start considering what your commercial relationships are really like and if they’re going as well as they need to…?

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