Three Steps to Value with the Things That Matter

Value Management achieves transformational and demonstrable results through engagement, motivation and change.

As this video playlist shows, Value Management begins with three straightforward but profound steps – scoping & surfacing, capturing & refining and measuring & progressing the Things That Matter:

These three steps enable the Things That Matter to be:

  • Surfaced rapidly and comprehensively… because Diagnostics scale, supported by AI in analysis.
  • Analysed and understood… because whilst Value is subjective and idiosyncratic, it has knowable properties, structure and dynamics.
  • Made measurable… because Things That Matter can be re-expressed as Value Codes.
  • Progressed, maintained and resolved as appropriate, to realise value… because Value Codes guide action and attract high-quality input from passionate, competent individuals.

You can also read this thorough explanation of the steps, with detail from many examples.