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example VC markdown

| Section Name | Value Code Identifier | Description | Evaluation Statement 1 | Evaluation Statement 2 | Evaluation Statement 3 | Evaluation Statement 4 | Evaluation Statement 5 |
| Value | Value Definition / Awareness | The extent to which "what matters" and "value" go beyond cost, are clearly understood, and are measured. | Value and "what matters" is not defined and value improvement is not addressed. | The concept of value and "what matters" is recognised, but this is either not communicated or focuses solely on price. | What matters and what’s valued is defined in improvement objectives and plans, and value is considered in decision making. However, price remains the main focus. | What matters and what is valued is clearly communicated. Improvement objectives go consistently beyond price, are shared, consolidated and agreed. Plans are deployed and value is measured. | The delivery of continuous value improvement on "what matters" are priorities that are collaboratively managed. Price is far from being the main or only value objective. Benefits are demonstrated, and sophisticated measures of value added are employed. |
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