Sustainability Benefits Evaluation

Pressure is increasing on everyone to “be sustainable”.

And with it increasingly becoming part of legislation, regulation and contract terms, sustainability is increasingly affecting every organisation – ready or not; like it or not.

But engagement and progress are lagging:

  • Sustainability cuts across most departments, so there often isn’t clear responsibility.
  • Many organisations don’t know where to start or what to do.
  • Most are struggling to fit sustainability in, given scarce time and resources.
  • Everyone is wondering how the priority and pursuit of sustainability will be affected by the current energy crisis and inflationary spiral.

A new approach is needed which addresses these sustainability challenges and many more: the Sustainability Benefits Evaluation.

Wherever you are in your organisation and in your sustainability journey, evaluating how your organisation can benefit from sustainability is a transformational new way of thinking and an entirely new approach to it.

Complementing doing any things you have to do for sustainability – and those things you should do – it supports you in getting ahead, accelerating progress and taking a lead:

  • Switch from being reactive to proactive.
  • Establish and clarify rationale and motivation.
  • Maximise the value of existing activities.
  • Uncover potential opportunities beyond compliance.
  • Improve your alignment with customer expectations and goals.
  • Focus resources on the highest impact areas.
  • Embed sustainability from the bottom-up.

By choosing to pursue value in this way – eliminating waste in the process (waste being the opposite of “sustainable”) – authentic sustainability naturally emerges.

I found the Sustainability Benefits Evaluation highly thought-provoking and illuminating, and think it will greatly help address the challenges we face with sustainability.
Sally Guyer
Global CEO, WorldCC
Global CEO WCC

Where sustainability “fits”:

Some organisations may be ready for the Team evaluation, but we recommend you begin with the Individual evaluation.

Recommended Starting Point

Features include:

  • evaluate 32 potential sustainability benefits
  • experience a new way of thinking
  • capture observations and opportunities
  • PDF report: response summary and analysis
  • comprehensive suggested next actions
  • discount on Team evaluation

Recommended Next Step

All features of “Individual”, plus:

  • engage a representative team*
  • extend a new way of thinking
  • automated invitations, reminders and updates
  • PDF response report for each team member
  • aggregated and anonymised Team PDF report
  • identify alignment or perception differences
  • establish shared purpose and motivation
  • clarify priorities and refocus resources

* max 15 people per team


For organisations ready to fully spread and scale sustainability – surface and channel everything needed to empower and embed vision and emergent best practice

Coming Soon

All features of “Team”, plus:

  • engage entire organisation
  • team/role comparison reporting
  • capture supporting evidence
  • capture suggested actions
  • custom content and process
  • interactive reporting dashboard
  • configurable and downloadable reports
  • advanced comment analysis and processing

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